AntiDUST sealing tape®
serie 3600

Our breather tape AD3500 does its finest work in conjunction with our blanking tape, the G3600 series. The combination of AntiDUST® G3600 and AD3500 gives you the best benefits in protecting your multi-wall sheet against dust, moss, insects and algae. Our G3600 is not to be compared to aluminum tape or other closed tapes for polycarbonate! G3600 contracts and expands with the polycarbonate material and is resistant to moisture. Unlike aluminum you will have no wrinkles or tearing of the tape. Our blanking tape will keep your multi-wall sheet closed and protected.


  • Contracts and expands with the polycarbonate sheet
  • Effective under high and low temperatures
  • Excellent resistance to moisture
  • Durable, strong and outdoor-resistant adhesive
  • Perfect tack on irregular surfaces
  • Developed for polycarbonate applications

Only the original AntiDUST® tape by Multifoil ensures the clarity of your multi-wall sheets!

AntiDUST ®
4½ / 6 / 8 mm 28 mm G3628 33 m 55
10 / 16 mm 38 mm G3638 33 m 40
16 / 20 mm 42 mm G3642 33 m 35
25 mm 50 mm G3650 33 m 30
32 / 35 mm 60 mm G3660 33 m 25
40 / 45 / 50 mm 75 mm G3675 33 m 20
55 / 60 mm 90 mm G3690 33 m 15

More information about AntiDUST® tape?

Six clear reasons
to use AntiDUST®tape by Multifoil

All AntiDUST® tapes by Multifoil have been engineered to accomplish one goal: to keep your polycarbonate sheet clean and clear. This way you can enjoy all the benefits that a polycarbonate multiwall system has to offer.



The high end non-woven has been specially treated to make sure that condensation is gently guided outside. This way we ensure excellent draining. 


Dust, algae and fungi

The filter gives perfect protection to filth and dirt, even in very small particles. Fungi, algae and insects stand no chance. 



Too much or too little ventilation, both isn’t good for the life time of the sheet. Our tape system provides the sufficient amount of ventilation.

In all media items


Coated with a strong and durable adhesive, with outdoor resistance. Easy to apply and reliable. Engineered for polycarbonate application.


Contraction and expansion

All multiwall sheets expand and contract due to its material qualities. All AntiDUST® tapes have been engineered to grow and shrink with the sheet. No more tearing or breaking of the tape.



Our specially treated high quality non-woven keeps particles >25µm out of the multiwall sheet and is anti-bacterial. Perfect protection.