Antidust® breather tape
AD4500 series

Multifoil has always taken the lead in developing the best tapes for the multi-wall sheet market. As time moves on, we feel the need to keep improving our products. The AD4500 has been given an aesthetic make-over and some of the technical features have been developed in order to stay ahead of our (international) customers’ needs


All AntiDUST® tapes have been engineered to accomplish one goal. We want to keep your polycarbonate sheet clean and clear. This way you can enjoy all the benefits that a polycarbonate system has to offer.

  • Specially treated, high quality, non-woven material
  • Our special non-woven material acts as a barricade for dust particles and as a drainpipe to guide the condensation
  • The newly engineered filter is able to keep particles, >25µm, out of the multi-wall sheet
  • Excellent draining
  • Easy application due to the excellent tack-on polycarbonate
  • Coated with strong, durable and outdoor-resistant adhesive
  • Precisely the right amount of ventilation
  • Contracts and expands with the growing and shrinking sheet
  • Dust, fungi and algae stand no chance
  • Attractive wave pattern
  • Options to customize with your logo or brand name

Only the original AntiDUST® tape by Multifoil ensures the clarity of your multi-wall sheets!

Dimensions AD4500

Thickness sheetWidth tapeAntiDUST®Standard lengthRol/crt.
4,5 / 6 / 8mm28mmAD452833m45
10 / 16mm38mmAD453833m30
16 / 20mm42mmAD454233m30
32 / 35mm60mmAD456033m20
40 / 45 mm70mmAD457033m15
50 / 55mm80mmAD458033m15
55 / 60mm90mmAD459033m10
We provide more options in sizing and packaging. Please contact us for any questions.

Comparison video

A clean and clear polycarbonate sheet is something we take very seriously; it is our main goal! All our AntiDUST® tapes are tested thoroughly in our on-site laboratory before entering the market. This way we can ensure the quality of our products and keep our promise to you. We believe there is no other product that can ensure the clarity of your multi-wall sheets. Don't believe us? Just watch this video!

More information about AntiDUST® tape?

Six clear reasons
to use AntiDUST®tape by Multifoil

All AntiDUST® tapes by Multifoil have been engineered to accomplish one goal: to keep your polycarbonate sheet clean and clear. This way you can enjoy all the benefits that a polycarbonate multiwall system has to offer.



The high end non-woven has been specially treated to make sure that condensation is gently guided outside. This way we ensure excellent draining. 


Dust, algae and fungi

The filter gives perfect protection to filth and dirt, even in very small particles. Fungi, algae and insects stand no chance. 



Too much or too little ventilation, both isn’t good for the life time of the sheet. Our tape system provides the sufficient amount of ventilation.



Coated with a strong and durable adhesive, with outdoor resistance. Easy to apply and reliable. Engineered for polycarbonate application.


Contraction and expansion

All multiwall sheets expand and contract due to its material qualities. All AntiDUST® tapes have been engineered to grow and shrink with the sheet. No more tearing or breaking of the tape.



Our specially treated high quality non-woven keeps particles >25µm out of the multiwall sheet and is anti-bacterial. Perfect protection.