Multifoil, a supplier of anti-dust tape

Multifoil its anti-dust tape has changed the way people use and see multiwall polycarbonate as a material of choice. This tape is being used in many sectors and industrial environments, like conservatories, greenhouses, carports or even football stadium roofs. Anti-dust tape helps to extend the life of multiwall sheets. Even when it is in the most demanding circumstances like wind and rain. Multifoil is based in the Netherlands and from there we work to offer the best solutions to every segment of this industry. Our anti-dust tape is available in three different types. You can go for the breather tapes (also known as vent tape), which are the antiDUST tape 3400, antiDUST tape 4500 and the antiDUST tape 3500 series which coming soon. These breather tapes do its finest work in conjunction with Multifoil its blanking tape, the G3600 series. When you combine the G3600 and the breather tape, you obtain the best benefits in protecting the polycarbonate multi-wall sheet. The sheets will be protected against dust, insects, moss and algue for a long term.

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Anti-dust its breather tapes and sealing tapes

The breather tapes (vent tape) have been used for industrial applications. But also for consumer projects. Not only in the Netherlands, but all over the world. Anti-dust tape can be found in walkways, hospitals, factories, canopies, stadiums and many other places. Thanks to the breathable filter, the tape offers a high performance and a big satisfaction. The tape is temperature resistant and moisture resistant. Together with the sealing tape from antiDUST you can extend the lifetime of your multiwall sheets. Some of the features of the anti-dust tape:

  • It is made out of specially treated, non-woven material
  • It provides excellent draining and guides condensation outside
  • The tape expands and contracts with the sheets when they grow or shrink
  • Bacteria such as fungi, insects and algae have no chance
  • The tape offers the right amount of ventilation
AD4500 anti-dust tape

Do you prefer customized anti-dust tape? That is possible!

Multifoil is a leader in developing pressure sensitive adhesives and also in excellent tapes for the polycarbonate multi-wall sheet market. This producer of anti-dust tape has a huge drive to provide the best service to the market and they are therefore able to customize the anti-dust 4500 tape with a company its brand name or logo. Multifoil, the manufacturer of antiDUST tape, produces full width tapes. The roll lengths can also vary. Upon request you can ask for a special format and the prices. Please call or mail the support staff your enquiry. and they will send you an offer and price.

Reasons to choose for Multifoil’s anti-dust tape

Did you know that condensation is a problem for polycarbonate sheets? However, condensation is a naturally occurring phenomenon. When water drops hit a surface that is cooler than the droplets, condensation forms. The anti-dust tape filter has a special surface treatment that causes rapid evacuation of condensation. We call this drainage. Condensation is known to be the lifeblood of fungus and algae, because they both need water to remain alive. The quicker the water is drained away, the better for the lifetime of the multi-wall sheets. Other manufacturers fail to drain quickly and thus create an environment that is excellent for fungus reproduction. Here are the six main reasons to choose for anti-dust tape:

  1. Condensation: thanks to the non-woven material the condensation is gently guided outside
  2. Resistant to insects, fungi and algae: the filter gives excellent protection
  3. Ventilation: The tape offers the right amount of ventilation
  4. Contraction and expansion: The anti-dust tape is designed to shrink and grow with the sheet. You will not anymore suffer from teared tape
  5. Coated with adhesive: The tape is coated with an adhesive and therefore easy to apply and reliable
  6. Non-woven material: since the tape is treated with high-quality non-woven, it keeps bacteria out of the polycarbonate multiwall sheet

How to apply the anti-dust tape on polycarbonate roofs

It is a misconception to put breather tape on both ends of a polycarbonate sheet. It is recommended to close the upper end with a sealing tape. The lower end should be taped with the anti-dust breather tape. However, if you want to use tape for barrel vaulted roofs, then it is recommended to use venting tape at both ends of the roof. It is not advisable to seal the sheet ends to keep condensation out, because it will still built up in the walls. You need to make sure the sheets have an exit to condensate. If you want to see how best to apply the anti-dust tape, there is technical literature available. This way you can avoid mistakes when applying the tape. Or you can ask us for more information about applying the anti-dust tape.

Application tools designed for anti-dust tape

The manufacturers of anti-dust tape have developed tools to process panels more quickly. Their goal is to make the production and installation process for the polycarbonate sheets more efficient. Especially for large usage of multiwall sheets. By using this table dispenser, you are able to process sheets much faster. The table dispenser comes in a handheld gun (or a table model dispenser). Since the anti-dust tapes are pressure sensitive, they need to be applied with pressure if you want the best tack. Multifoil has come up with a pressure roller, which is a useful tool to apply the tape with. This tool will reduce the cuts and burns on your fingers. They also have developed a pressure felt pad, which can be used for applying the tape with pressure.