Protect your roof and polycarbonate sheets with anti-insect tape

Polycarbonate offers a light construction and is a perfect material to use in a glazing system. The material is very strong and durable, which makes the tape excellent for many types of industrial constructions. The biggest downfall of polycarbonate is the condensation in the walls. This condensation is ongoing and therefore a big point of attention. Because of the condensation, the clarity and thermal insulation will be spoiled. The multi-wall sheets will eventually turn green and filthy over time. Luckily, Multifoil has designed AntiDUST. This anti-insect tape will take this worry away and keep your sheets and roof clean and clear of insects for a long term.

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Features of the anti-insect tape

The anti-insect tape series are successfully applied in industrial and consumer projects. Not only in the Netherlands but in multiple places all over the world. These tapes have been used in walkways, hospitals, canopies, factories, stadiums and many other projects such as greenhouses and conservatories. Thanks to the non-woven material which is specially engineered, the breathable anti-insect tape offers a high performance and a big satisfaction. It will keep your multi-wall sheets clear of insects for many years. This way you are able to enjoy the benefits of a polycarbonate system. Multifoil has been engineering and improving the antiDUST tapes for over 30 years now and can call themselves a specialist when it comes to pressure sensitive tapes. Some features of this tape:

  • The tape has a high tack, even on irregular surfaces
  • It is made out of specially treated and high quality non-woven material
  • The tape offers an excellent draining which makes it moisture resistant
  • The condensation is guided gently outside, which makes the tape waterproof
  • The anti-insect tape has exactly the right amount of ventilation
  • The tape expands and contracts with the sheet that may grow or shrink due to weather conditions. The tape is effective, even under low and high temperatures.
  • Dust, algae, fungi and insects stand no chance thanks to this tape
  • Especially developed for polycarbonate applications

This tape will ensure you the clarity of your polycarbonate multi-wall sheet. The tapes are tested very thoroughly in a laboratory before they can enter a market. This way the manufacturer can ensure the quality of the product and offer you the best products. This anti-insect tape supplier believes that there is no other product on the market like this tape that can ensure you the clarity of multi-wall sheets.

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Main reasons to start using anti-insect tape by AntiDUST

The only goal why this tape has been engineered is to keep polycarbonate sheets clear and clean from moss, fungi, algae and insects. Accomplishing this goal means that the supplier can offer all the benefits that a polycarbonate sheet has to offer. Some main reasons to choose for this tape are:

  • The specially treated non-woven material which is used for the tape makes it possible that the condensation is guided outside. This way the producer of the anti-insect tape ensures perfect draining.
  • The filter provides protection to dirt, filth, insects, fungi, algae and dust.
  • The tape system offers the right amount of ventilation. Too much ventilation or too little isn’t good for the aging process of the multi-wall sheet.
  • The tape is coated with a durable adhesive which is resistant to outdoor conditions. It is easily applied to surfaces and very reliable. The tape is specially engineered for polycarbonate industrial application.
  • The multi-wall sheets may expand and contract but you don’t want your tape to break or tear. The anti-insect tape has been designed to grow and shrink with the multiwall sheet which makes it temperature resistant.
  • The tape is sustainable, waterproof and offers a perfect protection to keep all kinds of bacteria’s out of the sheet.

Order your customized anti-insect tape here

Do you want your own antiDUST tape? Or do you first want to know the prices? Multifoil is a pioneer when it comes to manufacturing the best tapes for the polycarbonate multi-wall sheet market. Even customized tape is possible for this supplier. Multifoil wants to offer the market the best products that are available. You can customize the tape with your brand name or logo. This way the tape is totally personalized. There are multiple options in sizing and packaging aswell. There is a large variety in the thickness of the sheet and the width of the tape. The anti-insect tape can be ordered in various formats upon request. If you have a special request, please call or send an e-mail to the support staff and they will be happy to help you.

Why use Multifoil its AntiDUST anti-insect tape?

Many problems can affect the aesthetics and aging process of multi-wall sheets. Just think of problems like fungus, algae, insects, drainage and condensation. If you use the anti-insect tape, you will have the most advanced and integrated protection tape that is available to users of polycarbonate wall sheets. Multifoil works together with other manufacturers for the best solutions that can extend the lifetime of the sheets. They offer this tape to anyone in the world. The tapes have been designed for a specific purpose and it is coated with a biocide compound. If you have any troubles with applying the tape, you can find supporting technical literature to help you out.

Useful application tools

Multifoil has developed some complimentary tools that make processing panels more effectively and much quicker. They have developed a table dispenser which is mainly used by large users of multi-wall sheets. This way they can process a sheet in less time. The tape dispenser is available in a dispenser or handheld. This makes applying efficient and quick. Since the tapes are pressure sensitive, you will need to press while applying in order to get the best tack. A pressure roller is a handy tool when you want to apply anti-insect tape.